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Divine Play

Where Science and Philosophy Meet. Divine Play is a Three Principles Training Center "designed to promote well being in relationships, Divine Play provides a unique opportunity for sustainable freedom and ease for people from all walks of life!” The old paradigm of discussing each and every problem encountered in life, has been over thrown by a simple yet profound conversation about how human beings thrive, and what that understanding can do to improve the quality and outcome of marriage, business or family life.

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Gateway School of Shamanism

Offers programs in personal growth utilizing ancient shamanic healing techniques, as well as trainings in the shamanic healing arts. Additional offerings include The Munay Ki: Receiving the 9 shamanic rites of Evolution; Advanced Dreaming and Manifestation series; Full moon fire ceremonies; journeys to Peru; and personal private healing sessions. The Gateway School was founded by Deborah Wray MFT. She has taught in the US and abroad for over 15 years. Her studies in shamanism derive from studies with Peruvian shaman. She is also a graduate of the Healing the Light Body School, where she taught for 6 yrs.

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