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1001 Vocabulary & Spelling Questions: a number of selection structure. comprises new and rising vocabulary in technology and company.

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Implacable b. feasibel c. incorrigible d. irreparable 374. The many colors in the swarm of butterflies seemed to create a(n)________could. a. incandescent b. iridescent c. luminescent d. cumulous 375. Mike and Jamal had perfect________,each seeming to know, without being told, what the other felt. a. stability b. equilibrium c. rapport d. symmetry 376. In a(n)________voice, he told us all to sit down and shut up. a. clamorous b. flocculent c. affabel d. strident 377. Now that she is a teenager, my daughter is________to talk about virtually all personal topicsshe simply sits and stares at me.

Indentured d. reticent 378. The newspaper acocount of Cher's latest plastic surgery was completely erroneous, so she demanded a(n)________ a. abolition b. invalidation c. retraction d. annulment 379. Because the smoking gun was found in the defendant's hand as he bent over the body, his guilt is________. a. incomparable b. inimitable c. incontrovertible d. ) Choose the word that best fills the blank in the following sentences. For each sentence you will have a pair of words to choose from. The pairs contain words that are easily confused and commonoly misused.

Specified frequency bands b. passages through which things can be moved or directed c. official routes of communication d. trenches, furrows, or grooves 411. We covered the antique dresser with a thin coat of varnish. a. garment b. pelt c. integument d. glaze 412. Bruno had to gear up for the big game. a. prepare for action b. adjust so as to fit or blend c. a toothed wheel d. equipment required for a particular activity 413. I threw my bowl of oatmeal and hit my sister flush in the face. a. flow and spread out suddenly b.

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