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By C. G. Lyons, S. McLintock, Nora H. Lumb

A Concise Text-Book of natural Chemistry is a convenient advisor for chemistry scholars getting ready for complicated point certificate. the character of natural chemistry, in comparison with that of inorganic chemistry, is largely the chemistry of carbon. The ebook specializes in the preparations and adjustments of the atoms contained in the carbon molecules. The molecular formulation of natural compounds are hence studied, together with alkanes and their derivatives often called aliphatic or fatty acids, in addition to the hydrocarbons of the benzene sequence and derivatives referred to as the fragrant compounds. The aliphatic amines as derivatives of ammonia as a result of the substitution of the hydrogen atoms by means of alkyl teams are defined. The formulation for methane, even if at the present is handy for basic reasons, is proven to be no longer a real consultant of the particular association within which 4 H radicals are grouped round the carbon atom. Castor oil, linseed, and different drying oils also are tested by way of their glyceride (of different lengthy chain unsaturated acids) content material. Carbohydrates, divided as monosaccharides, polysaccharides, and glycosides, are mentioned as to their empirical composition. the various equipment and reagents for synthesizing natural compounds are defined, utilizing the easy aliphatic natural compounds for example. The fragrant sequence of natural compounds, reminiscent of the benzene sequence of hydrocarbons, and the fragrant sulfonic acids, phenols, and ethers are then analyzed. This booklet is acceptable for college kids of natural chemistry and for these getting ready for exams within the common certificates of schooling and for the normal nationwide certificates. Readers regarding agricultural, scientific, pharmaceutical, and technological and technical classes can locate this advisor correct.

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Alkoxides react readily with water regenerating the alcohol. 2C2H5OH + 2 N a = 2C2H50Na + Sodium ethoxide CgHsONa + HgO = C2H5OH + N a O H (2) Conversion to halides. g. phosphorus trichloride, phosphorus pentachloride, or red phosphorus with either bromine or iodine) react with substances containing a hydroxyl group to replace that group by a halogen atom. The alcohols react to give the alkyl hahdes. 3C2H5OH + PCI3 = 3C2H5CI + H3PO3 T H E ALIPHATIC ALCOHOLS A N D E T H E R S 45 (3) Esterification, Alcohols react with acids to form compounds which are called esters.

C H i C H + Hs = CH2:CH2 CH2:C1H2 ^2 ~ CHß'CHß (4) Conversion to aldehydes. When acetylene is passed into warm, dilute sulphuric acid in the presence of a catalyst, a series of reactions occurs which leads to the formation of acetaldehyde. The first reaction involves addition CH;CH + H2S04 = CH2:CH(HS04) 28 A CONCISE TEXT-BOOK O F O R G A N I C C H E M I S T R Y Hydrolysis then occurs, possibly leading in the first place to the unstable vinyl alcohol which immediately isomerizes to acet­ aldehyde.

In practice, the reaction is often carried out in the presence of sulphuric acid (or gaseous hydrogen chloride may be used). e. the hydrogen ion) is a catalytic one. The process of esterification between an alcohol and an acid is sometimes compared with that of salt formation between a base and an acid, but esterification is essentially a non-ionic reaction between the hydroxyl group of the acid and the hydrogen atom of the alcohol, while salt formation is ionic involving the hydrogen ion of the acid.

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