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By Ian Paterson

With extra tha 4,000 enteries, this dictionary is the 1st of its type: a treasury of colour phrases and words, a complete source for exploring each element of colour.

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N auramine A yellow dye. 28 A D I C T I O N A R Y O F C O L O U R pr auranti- (L) Orange. n aurantia Orange-yellow dye. n Aura-Soma A form of colour therapy involving the application to the skin of a mixture of coloured oils and herbs chosen by the patient from a selection of bottles. See colour therapy. a aureate Gold in colour, gilded; golden-yellow. a aurelian Golden in colour. n aureole, aureola In astronomy and in relation to early paintings, a halo of light. n aureolin A yellow pigment. See cobalt yellow.

Vb blend; to To combine colours. n blending The technique used in oil painting of mixing colours so as to obtain an even gradation of colour on the painted surface. ). n blob A small blotch of colour. c blonde (f), blond (m) Light or fair in colour; especially as regards hair; a light golden colour; hence a person having such hair. c blood-dark A dark red. Z Y X W V U T S R Q P O N M L K J I H G F E D C B 55 c blood-red A dark red colour; a rich bluish red. a bloodshot Reddened (particularly of the eyes).

N beet red, beetroot red The food additive (E162) producing a reddish purple colouring. Also called betanin. c beetroot red The deep reddish-purple of the vegetable, beetroot. ). c begonia Yellowish-red found in the flower of the same name. c beige adjective a adverb adv a colour c noun n prefix pr suffix su verb vb A light brown or yellowish grey. Popular for fashion fabrics but ‘renamed’ camel, taupe, stone or sand to avoid appearing dated! Beige has the same meaning as écru and grège each being French terms for wool or cloth in its unbleached condition and originally designating a grey colour.

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