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By E. F. Schumacher

E F Schumacher asserts that it's the activity of philosophy to supply a map of lifestyles and information which shows crucial positive factors of existence of their right prominence. The questions: How am I to behavior my existence? what's the nature of artwork and nature? what's the that means of faith? are restored are restored to sunlight on Schumacher's map of existence via his maxim 'if doubtful convey it prominently. ' technological know-how is consequently restored to its domestic territory and its growing to be imperialism over the fields is reserved.

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It is this recognition that matters, not the precise association of the four elements with the Levels of Being. If the natural scientists should come and tell us that there are some beings that they call animals in whom no trace of consciousness can be detected, it is not for us to argue with them. Recognition is one thing; identification quite another. For us, only recognition is important, and we are entitled to choose typical and fully developed specimens from each Level of Being for our purposes.

What has to be fully understood is that there are differences in kind, and not simply in degree, between the powers of life, consciousness and self-awareness. Maybe traces of these powers exist already at the lower levels, although not noticeable (or not yet noticed) by man. Or maybe they are infused, as it were, on appropriate occasions from 'another world'. It is not essential for us to have theories about their origin, provided we recognise their quality and, in recognising their quality, never fail to remember that they are beyond anything our own intelligence enables us to create.

If I lack faith, and consequently choose an inadequate level of significance for my investigation, no degree of 'objectivity' will ever save me from missing the point of the whole thing, and I rob myself of the very possibility of understanding. ' In short, when dealing with something representing a higher grade of significance or Level of Being than inanimate matter, the observer depends not only on the adequateness of his own higher qualities, perhaps 'developed' through learning and training; he also depends on the adequateness of his 'faith' or, to put it more conventionally, of his fundamental presuppositions and basic assumptions.

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