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She ran a delicate hand through her hair. “If they don’t mend properly, he might need surgery. ” She glanced down at her notes before continuing. “He also has a slight concussion, nothing serious. Impact bruises on his chest and abdomen from the seat belt, probably will have a sore left shoulder. Nicks and cuts from flying glass. His eyes look fine—no glass fragments—but we’ll have an ophthalmologist come in to look at him, just to be safe. We’ll keep him for a couple of days, but he’s going to need help when he gets home.

Rich’s harsh tone startled Dan. It wasn’t like him to be rude. ” Sharon’s bitchy voice announced her visit. When she got started, her voice could peel paint. Rich staggered back a little as Sharon pushed past him into the house. As fast as lightning, her tone switched to sweetness and light. “Daniel, I’m so glad you’re okay. ” “Rich is helping me out. ” As much as he wanted distraction from his thoughts, he didn’t want it to be her. Irrational as it was, he blamed her for the thoughts and feelings he couldn’t banish.

His fingers itched to explore the texture of Dan’s balls. Even more, Rich wanted to lean over and taste the silky head and the slippery liquid glistening on the tip. But he couldn’t and it didn’t take Dan long. A few sure strokes, a swipe of his thumb over the leaking slit and hot, sticky seed covered his hand and Dan’s stomach. The sound of Dan’s muffled groan almost made Rich come in his jeans. Resisting the temptation to clean Dan’s stomach with his tongue, he released his tight hold on the spent cock.

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