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D. , Bristol, i 7 9 S~6 ; 3 ed*. , Bristol, 1796 (pt. , Edinburgh, 1828, i, 620. • Bence Jones, The Royal Instttution: its Founder and its First Professors, 1871; S. C. Brown, Isis, 1954, xlv, 218; Cory, Nature, 195^0, clxvi, 1049; Dumas, (4), 1885, ii, 203; G. E. Ellis, Memoirs of Sir Benjamin Thompson, Count Rumford, Boston, 1871; G. A. Foote, Isis, i 9 5 *» xliii, 6; E. Larsen, An American in Europe. The Life of Bergantin Thompson, Count Rumford, 1953; F. Martin, The Royal Institution, 1942; Newell, Science, 1928, Ixviii, 67; Thomson, Ann.

His invention of the safety lamp was made and used, at his request, without award. Davy was a rapid but accurate worker, often with minute amounts of material, and his untidiness is probably legendary. ^ 34 ‘the name of Faraday hias been so blended w ith that of the R oyal Institution that few people know w hat D a v y made it. T h e Institution w ould certainly have failed bu t for D avy. W henever a true comparison can be made, it will probably be seen that the genius o f D a v y has been hid b y the perfection o f Faraday.

Bence Jones. ^* Bence Jones, 163; R. , 1800-1, iv, 48 (lectures at Roy. ). , 1801-3 (vols. ii and iii ed. by C. and A. Aikin). *^ Experiments and Observations on the Horley-Green Spam, near Halifax, with a short Account of two other Mineral Waters in Yorkshire, Br^ford, 1790; Experiments and Observations on the Crescent Water at Harrogate, Leeds, 1791; Treatise on the Mineral Waters of Harrogate: History, Chymical Analysis, Medicinal Properties and Directionsfor their Use, Bra^orth, 1792; 32 DAVY D avy Humphry Davy (Penzance, 17 December 1778-Geneva, 29 May 1829) was the son of a wood carver, a man of some capacity but too fond of sport and fishing to make proper provision for his family after his death in 1794.

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