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By J. Richard Middleton

Lately, an increasing number of Christians have come to understand the Bible's instructing that the final word blessed desire for the believer isn't really an otherworldly heaven; in its place, it's full-bodied participation in a brand new heaven and a brand new earth introduced into fullness during the coming of God's nation. Drawing at the complete sweep of the biblical narrative, J. Richard Middleton unpacks key outdated testomony and New testomony texts to make a case for the hot earth because the acceptable Christian wish. He indicates its moral and ecclesial implications, exploring the variation a holistic eschatology could make for dwelling in a damaged international.

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47 and knowledge (daʿ at). Likewise, when humans build a house, according to a text later in Proverbs (24:3–4), the project requires this very same triad of qualities. There is thus a clear parallel here between God’s original creative activity and human building projects. 20 This means that when we utilize wisdom in our human construction projects, we are recapitulating or imaging God’s own building of the cosmos. Indeed, like the human cultural task, creation itself was a developmental project as God transformed an originally unformed and empty world (Gen.

Plato’s influence (esp. 31 Later, in the Christian era, it led to the idea of dwelling with God (in a resurrected body) in the heavens (located above and beyond the earth). ╯Aristotle’s view of the relationship of soul and body is articulated most clearly in De€anima. “Form” is a technical term in the philosophy of Plato and Aristotle for universal concepts or “ideas,” understood as the unifying factor in material things. Whereas Plato thought that these forms existed independently of the physical world (but were embodied in this world), Aristotle thought that they had no independent existence.

24:37–41). ╯The Hebrew verse numbering for Ps. 8 is slightly different from the English, so that verses€6–9 in the Masoretic Text (MT) correspond to verses€5–8 in English translations. indd 42 9/9/14 10:14 AM ↜Why Are We Here? 43 tication of animals is here regarded as a task of great dignity and privilege. 13 Genesis 1:26–28 combines all the foregoing motifs in the idea of humans as imago Dei (the “image of God”). €104). By its emphasis on agriculture and animal husbandry, which are the basis for human societal organization, Genesis€1 ultimately envisions the development of all aspects of culture, technology, and civilization.

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