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By Boris Fishman

A singularly proficient author makes his literary debut with this provocative, soulful, and infrequently hilarious tale of a failed journalist requested to do the unthinkable: forge Holocaust-restitution claims for previous Russian Jews in Brooklyn, New York.

Yevgeny Gelman, grandfather of Slava Gelman, ''didn't undergo within the detailed way'' he must have suffered to qualify for the reparations the German govt has been paying out to Holocaust survivors. yet endure he has—as a Jew within the struggle, as a second-class citizen within the USSR, as an immigrant in the US. So? Isn't his grandson a ''writer''?

High-minded Slava desires to positioned all this immigrant-scraping in the back of him. merely the yank dream isn't panning out for him: Century, the mythical journal the place he works as a researcher, wishes not anything better from him. Slava desires to be an accurate, innocent American—but he desires to be a lionized author even more.

Slava's flip because the Forger of South Brooklyn teaches him that no longer each truth is a fact and never each lie a falsehood. It takes greater than law-abiding to develop into an American; it takes an identical self-reinvention at which his humans excel. Intoxicated and unmoored by way of his innovations, Slava hazards publicity. Cornered, he commits an irrevocable act that at last delivers him a feeling of domestic in America—but now not prior to amassing a long-lasting fee from his family.

A alternative existence is a gloomy, relocating, and wonderfully written novel approximately kinfolk, honor, and justice.

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