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By Ronald Wright

Every time historical past repeats itself, the price is going up. the 20th century—a time of remarkable progress—has produced an immense pressure at the very parts that contain existence itself: This increases the main query of the twenty-first century: How for much longer can this move on? With wit and erudition, Ronald Wright lays out a-convincing case that heritage has constantly supplied a solution, no matter if we care to note or now not. From Neanderthal guy to the Sumerians to the Roman Empire, a quick historical past of growth dissects the cyclical nature of humanity's improvement and loss of life, the 10,000-year previous test that we've unleashed yet haven't begun to regulate. it really is Wright's rivalry that in basic terms by means of realizing and finally breaking from the styles of development and catastrophe that humanity has repeated world wide because the Stone Age will we stay away from the onset of a brand new darkish Age. Wright illustrates how a variety of cultures all through background have actually synthetic their very own finish through generating an overabundance of innovation and stripping naked the very parts that allowed them to first and foremost increase. Wright's ebook is wonderful; a desirable rumination at the hubris on the center of human improvement and the pitfalls we nonetheless could have time to prevent.

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