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By Kevin Killian

Kylie Minogue, greater than muse, is okay. K.'s aesthetic m.o., his ammo. round her identify and photograph, he circulates the debris of his personal uncanny idiom, that's in contrast to something in modern American poetry. Killian works each device within the band; he sneaks up at the back of that means, and makes it sing. someway, in the course of defamiliarization, Killian's voice is still companionable and comforting. motion Kylie is a publication i'll flip to while i need to recollect that literature can regenerate authenticity in addition to renege it. Killian performs with a number of rhetorics and codes, all within the pursuit of his personal college of motion Poetry, within which I want fast to sign up. --Wayne Koestenbaum

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Matthias’s brows came together in a dark line. He glanced at Horatia. “It’s quite true, my lord,” Horatia said quietly. Matthias looked at Imogen. ” “Lord Vanneck,” Imogen said. “Bloody hell,” he said softly. ” Imogen straightened. “That incident has nothing to do with this. I do not give a fig for my own reputation. It is Lucy’s murder that must be avenged. I told you the story because I want you to understand that Society does not consider me a suitable candidate for marriage. ” Matthias shook his head.

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