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By Karen I. Goldberg and Alan S. Goldman (Eds.)

Content material: 1. Organometallic C-H bond activation : an creation / Alan S. Goldman and Karen I. Goldberg -- 2. C-H bond activation by means of iridium and rhodium complexes : catalytic hydrogen-deuterium trade and C-C bond-forming reactions / Steven R. Klei, Kian L. Tan, Jeffrey T. Golden, Cathleen M. Yung, Reema ok. Thalji, Kateri A. Ahrendt, Jonathan A. Ellman, T. Don Tilley and Robert G. Bergman

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But the boryl group is not merely acting as a "trap" for a C - H bond after the task of activation is accomplished by the transition metal center. Rather, the empty p-orbital of a metalated boryl group plays an intimate role in. promoting the activation process. Indeed, the development of this catalysis was based upon the observation that CpM(CO) (boryl) complexes showed stoichiometric reactivity towards alkanes, unlike their counterparts CpM(CO) R (R = alkyl, aryl or H) (138,139). ) n n Organometallic C-H Activation Modes Other than Oxidative Addition and Electrophilic The modes of C - H bond activation discussed in the present section have been the subject of extensive research, although not on the scale seen for oxidative addition and electrophilic addition.

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