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(September/October 2012)

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Reversing the disaster of mounted meaning
upload – American Dream Disorder
Piecing jointly the worldwide insurrectionary puzzle.
The heretical methods of Nigeria’s Boko Haram
Europe’s anarchic nihilism
Cory Sine on Latin America’s political renaissance
city farming and the fissure of modernity via Darren Fleet
“The Key to Power” by means of Michael Hardt & Antonio Negri

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It has unnerved the enemy because it has tried, inadequately for the time being, to utter a different vocabulary of revolt. It does everything that Kafka’s K. tried not to do. , after all, was obsessed with demanding his rights – “I want no favors from the castle, I want my rights” – obsessed with cracking the secret interior of the castle, of gaining entry. He became so obsessed with the castle that he’d begun to internalize its logic, was suffused by its logic to the extent that he could only think via its logic.

Frantz Fanon believed that the colonized subjects redeemed themselves only through violence. He saw the bloodshed of revolution as the only effective way to counter the institutionalized violence of colonialism itself. The new economic paradigm of peaceful revolution, redistribution of wealth and political realignment away from imported neoliberal practices is demonstrating that violence is not necessary for widespread and profound social, economic REUTERS/Baz Ratner US soldiers on patrol in the town of Hutal, Afghanistan, 2012.

As my friend and I have faced, shied from and then battled the shadows and the zombies that roam about our fields, we’ve many times wondered if it was the creation of our country that brought these creatures into their existence. If our country were dissolved, the zombies would shrink behind their shadows, and the shadows would retreat back deep into the ground – leaving us to wonder within the monsoon floods at the dry and cracking earth; no – my friend and I are learning that the shadows and their zombies have always been there, scratching at us from the subterranean hideouts and forming in our understanding as hazy faces and unremembered nightmares; yes – my friend and I are learning that we have brought these monsters with us and that in the space of our land and by the toil of our country we have brought our monsters out into the open, and now out they can be diminished and eventually destroyed, so that when our final dawn sets upon this land, we can leave to freer travel toward wherever our future places lie.

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