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By Gary Winship

'Why will we take medicinal drugs? i have not the faintest proposal, yet Gary Winship has a damned reliable cross at telling me the reply. a few may say this can be a mostly educational booklet, yet as an ex-psychiatric nurse and a Jo Public for the final twenty-five years, i might say there is something in right here for everybody. now we have all taken medicines at some point soon in our lives (except, might be, my grandma) so a technique to determine why is through analyzing this attention-grabbing book.'- Jo model, comedian, writer, and actress

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One might add that the therapist needs to understand their own sleeping-wakefulness inasmuch as working with this repetitive material can be very soporific. When working with patients with OCD and substance abusers, I think it is fair to say that it can be soporific, as if Hypnos and Nyx are taking control. I have found myself on occasions feeling like I am rather talking in my sleep or perhaps sleeping in my talk. The danger of toxicity under the duress of such bludgeoning repetition ought to be accounted for in the preparation of practitioners.

And that this becomes a fixed state that takes over. Dream fix Consider the actual act of fixing in addiction. The fix is idealized, it is anticipated that it will “fix” a mental state that is felt to be wrong or broken. The addict gets his fix by putting the drug into his body, whether this is through smoking, swallowing, snorting, anal suppositories, or skin-popping. The injection, directly fixing into a vein seems to symbolize a desire for “umbilical attachment” (Rey, 1994). The needle attachment is equated as the giver of life and happiness.

Physically and psychically users report that a drug-induced state evokes the feeling of being fed and sated. Drug intoxication often takes the individual beyond other biological desires, for instance to have sex or fulfil any other organic excretory need other than to succumb to the allure of the substance. On the other hand, withdrawal from a drug leads to an experience of hunger or desire for the substance which would ease the physical and psychic agitation that accompanies the withdrawal syndrome.

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