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By Liz Maverick

Clarissa Schneckberg wasn't able to depart her Silicon Valley task, get dumped by means of her boyfriend, or movement again in together with her mom and dad. She's formally pathetic. And her clients are dim. at the least that is how they appear from below the covers of her formative years mattress. yet simply while her existence seems heading south, Clarissa comes to a decision to move fairly south-to Antarctica, to be precise. in the end, the male-to-female ratio on the South Pole is whatever like four-to-one. together with her acquaintances, Delilah and Kate, she's able to make the trek and subscribe to a few equal-opportunity jobs...even notwithstanding none of them has but to pass though a wintry weather with no fuzzy slippers. it really is an amorous event Clarissa will be insane to cross up. yet for this snow angel, sanity has outlived its usefulness.

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Yes, well, I had no idea I came off as such a boring person when I was with him. How nice that I shine so brightly for you now”? “Say, Clary,” Delilah said. ” Clarissa looked first at Delilah, then at Kate. “Luna Fong,” she said with as much dramatic flair as she could muster. A gasp went up from the table. “The Chinese girl with the perfect hair,” Kate intoned, wideeyed. “White guy dumps white girlfriend for exotic Asian chick with perfect hair. Bummer. What? It’s true, isn’t it? Can we not speak the truth?

I don’t want anything too taxing. Don’t be tempted by a prestige job, Clarissa. That’s just a trap. A recipe for stress. Just go for a job with as little responsibility as possible. You’ll be better off that way. You’ll be good at that. My god, Clarissa. What is it you’re so afraid of? “Clarissa, we’re falling out of line,” Kate hissed. ” Clarissa blinked and looked around her. The three of them were standing in an impossibly long interview line. The first thing Clarissa noticed was a small table filled with small rubber squeezie penguins.

White guy dumps white girlfriend for exotic Asian chick with perfect hair. Bummer. What? It’s true, isn’t it? Can we not speak the truth? These are facts. The very same thing happened to me in college. It was terrible. I couldn’t eat any sort of Asian food for a month. Not Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese . . nothing. Couldn’t touch the stuff. ” “Well, that’s not very PC, is it,” Delilah said matter-of-factly. ” 44 • Liz Maverick “Yeah, the facts may be the facts,” Clarissa conceded. ” “Why not? I’m willing to bet at Berkeley, the Asian guys are talking about this.

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