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By Leslie A. Viereck, Elbert Luther Little

Alaska timber and Shrubs has been the definitive paintings at the woody crops of Alaska for greater than 3 a long time. This new, thoroughly revised moment variation presents up-to-date info on habitat, in addition to distinctive descriptions of each tree or shrub species within the nation. New distribution maps mirror the most recent survey information, whereas the keys, word list, and appendix on non-native crops make this the main priceless advisor to Alaska timber and shrubs ever released.

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Northern black currant, Ribes hudsonianum Richards. (PS-MS, I-C) 152 59. skunk currant, Ribes glandulosum Grauer (SS-MS, I) 154 60. trailing black currant, Ribes laxiflorum Pursh (PS-MS, C) 155 61. American red currant, Ribes triste Pall. (PS-MS, I-C) 156 Rose family (Rosaceae) 62. Pacific ninebark, Physocarpus capitatus (Pursh) Kuntze (MS-LS, C) 158 63. Beauverd spirea, Spiraea beauverdiana Schneid. (SS, I-C) 159 64. Douglas spirea, Spiraea douglasii Hook. (MS, C) 160 65. luetkea, Luetkea pectinata (Pursh) Kuntze (PS, i-C) 162 66.

S. Department of Agriculture (Little 1953). Scientific names of shrubs follow conservative usage. Other widely used names including synonyms have been added. Descriptions and notes refer to trees and shrubs growing in Alaska. Measurements are in the English system, but equivalents in the metric system have been added in parenthesis. 28 feet (1 meter). A ruler with both inches and centimeters appears on the last page. Trunk diameters of trees are measured at breast height (4 1/2 ft. ). Most tree species attain larger heights and diameters southward.

First, the number of woody plant species northward in Alaska becomes smaller, both in total and in percentage of total flora. The 133 native woody plant species listed here for Alaska are only about 8 percent of the 1,559 vascular plant species accepted by Hultén (1968) for a larger area covering also Yukon Territory and other neighboring territories. The number of native tree species in the largest State is low, only 33 species, less than in any other State. Most States have more than twice as many tree species.

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