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By V. S. Varadarajan

This article deals a different account of Indian paintings in diophantine equations through the sixth via twelfth centuries and Italian paintings on recommendations of cubic and biquadratic equations from the eleventh via sixteenth centuries. the quantity lines the historic improvement of algebra and the idea of equations from precedent days to the start of contemporary algebra, outlining a few glossy issues akin to the elemental theorem of algebra, Clifford algebras, and quarternions. it's aimed at undergraduates who've no heritage in calculus.

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3. Find , fo r eac h triple t i n the Plimpto n 32 2 tablet, th e value s of S an d t suc h tha t th e formul a (*) i n the tex t whic h generate s tha t triplet ; fo r th e one s in lines 1 1 an d 1 5 , you shoul d first divide th e triple t b y a common facto r to make it primitive an d the n find th e value s of S an d t 4. Deduc e fro m th e descriptio n o f primitive pythagorea n triplet s tha t a = 2s,b = s 2 - l , c = s 2 + l with S even giv e al l primitiv e triplet s wit h C — b = 2 . 5.

O n th e othe r hand, suppos e tha t a and b are bot h odd . The n a 2 an d b 2 ar e bot h odd , s o that c 2 is even, showin g that c must b e even. Bu t a 2 an d b 2 must bot h leav e the remainde r 1 whe n divide d b y 4 s o tha t c 2 mus t leav e th e remainde r 2 whe n divide d b y 4 , a contradiction, becaus e a s c i s even , c 2 i s divisibl e b y 4 ! Thus , on e o f a an d b is even, th e othe r i s odd. B y switchin g a an d b we may assum e tha t a i s even . We no w us e th e identit y (2st)2 + (s 2-t2)2 = (s 2 + t 2)2 which was known to the ancients , t o conclud e that i f we give s an d t intege r values , then a = 2st, b = s 2 -t 2,c = s 2 + t 2 (* ) is a pythagorea n triplet .

Find x i suc h tha t p0 + xi =0 (mo d |rao|) , # i < Vi V < x i + |m 0 | 3. Define + xi x\-N p0xi + N po Pi = — ; j — » Qi = — ; T" |m 0 | |m ' 0| m i= m 0 4. If pi,qi,m,i — p2 — ATg? have bee n found , find Xi+i suc h tha t Pi 4- Xi+iqi = 0 (mo d |ra;|) , x < \Zi V < Xi+i + |rn^ | i1 + 5. Define Pi£;+i + AT^ +i p Pi+1 = j j > * H- ftXi+i tfi+ 1 = j j , |ra;| |mt |m x? ™>i+l 1 + -A T = * 6. Keep goin g til l yo u reac h mk=p2k- Nql = 1 Of cours e ther e i s n o nee d t o sa y tha t thi s i s a n astonishin g algorithm .

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