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By S. J. H. Rizvi, H. Haque, V. K. Singh, V. Rizvi (auth.), S. J. H. Rizvi, V. Rizvi (eds.)

Science is largely a descriptive and experimental equipment. It observes nature, constructs hypotheses, plans experiments and proposes theories. the speculation is rarely meditated because the 'final truth', yet continues to be ever topic to transformations, adjustments and rejections. The technological know-how of allelopathy similarly has emerged, and exists on an analogous footing; our endeavour may be to maintain it clean and cutting edge with addition of more moderen in­ formation and ideas with the rejection of older principles and antiquated innovations. in the past few many years encouraging effects were received in numerous features of allelopathic researches. despite the fact that, as well as carrying on with efforts in a majority of these instructions, consistent makes an attempt are to be made to explain the mechanics of allelopathic job in molecular phrases and to find methods and capacity to use it for the welfare of mankind. We suppose that multidisciplinary efforts are the one software to accomplish this objective. it's the wish of the editors that this publication will function a rfile which identifies an built-in process, wherein learn either to appreciate and make the most allelopathy should be performed. the current quantity arose out of an try to collect eminent scientists in allelopathy to explain their paintings, of a hugely different nature, below one title.

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4 THE SETTING Although not all the processes are at present clearly understood, nor all the influencing factors readily characterized, it is nonetheless possible even with a limited knowledge to start building a conceptual model that includes the major processes and factors useful for evaluating the potential of a chemical to become an allelochemical. How each of the processes operates and how the processes interact will depend upon the setting in which the various factors can influence the processes and contribute to the fate of the chemical in a specific environment.

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And Novitzky, W. P. (1987) Effects of phenolic acids, coumarins, and flavonoids on isolated chloroplasts and mitochondria, in Allelochemicals: Role in Agriculture and Forestry (ed. G. R. Waller), ACS Symp. Ser. 330, Amer. Chern. , Washington, DC, pp. 247-6l. Pickett, J. A. (1988) The future of semiochemicals in pest control. Aspects Appl. , 17,397-406. Putnam, A. R. and Tang, C. S. (eds) (1986) The Science of Allelopathy, Wiley, New York. Reese, J. C. (1979) Interactions of allelochemicals with nutrients in herbivore food, in Herbivores: their Interaction with Secondary Plant Metabolites (eds G.

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