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Of course, in all unusual lighting conditions we need to watch exposures, as our metering systems are tuned for the usual – not the unusual. In David’s scene, the camera took one look at the sky and opened the aperture or the shutter by about a stop to brighten things up – and David brightened the exposure further by 1∕3 EV using exposure compensation. This has left the trees in the foreground a little too bright, and their brightness has stripped them of their colour saturation and their weight in the scene.

So I compared a few different models and opted to buy the relatively new Canon EOS 5D Mark II. Although I wasn’t committed to the Canon system due to an expensive collection of lenses, I had invested a lot of time in getting familiar with the system in general, which made me want to buy within the same brand. In addition, my EOS 400D had served me well and been reliable through the years, so I was confdent in my choice. 1-million-pixel sensor and was the frst Canon DSLR to record video, which was very impressive at the time.

1 million pixels strikes a good balance between fle size and giving enough leeway to crop an image if necessary. Rarely do I fnd myself yearning for extra pixels. Also, like most Canon DSLRs, users can select the size of the fles they wish to capture. When I shoot images that are for use on the web or in time-lapse compositions, I always have the camera set on small raw, giving me a smaller, more manageable fle. These days, I often shoot weddings, festivals, products, portraits and reportage when I’m not writing camera tests.

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