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Simply as China is termed the realm manufacturing facility for synthetic items, it's also a global manufacturing facility for synthetic animal cruelty in a brand new phenomenon of globalized animal cruelty. Animals in China examines animal safeguard in China in its criminal, social and cultural contexts.

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Chinese pragmatism writ large, literally found in the bodies of these creatures. Despite political rhetoric of egalitarianism, inequality is common and is often accepted in its supposedly classless society in China. There are hierarchies of power and status, for both people and animals. The panda is more equal than all the other animal species in China. 6 However, despite the special status and privilege pandas enjoy, under Chinese law all animals and all wildlife, including pandas, share a commonality.

What types of animals are protected under the law? The terms referring to animals used in the WPL (1988) are zhengui dongwu, binwei dongwu, and yesheng dongwu. The WPL (1988) defines yesheng dongwu, ‘wildlife’, as ‘species of land and aquatic wildlife that are rare and valuable (zhengui) or endangered (binwei ), and species of terrestrial wildlife that are beneficial or of important economic or scientific value’ (Art. 2). The phrase ‘san you (three haves)’ is sometimes used in China as shorthand for wildlife that have beneficial value, economic value or scientific value.

56 In short, in traditional Chinese thought, animals have a specific normative standing. 57 Accordingly, it has been argued that for Confucianism, virtue is the realization of full humaneness for humans; this includes the fullness of sentient and non-sentient constituents of nature. 58 Animals in traditional Chinese law Contemporary discussion of animal ethics distinguishes two types of value: instrumental value and intrinsic value. Instrumental value is value as a means to some other end or purpose, as opposed to intrinsic value.

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