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By Freud, Sigmund; Freud, Sigmund; Derrida, Jacques

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However,] our struggles were no mere brawls. Argentinean positivism is of autochthonous origin; only this fact explains its deep-rootedness. It was expression of a collective will . 75 Even José Carlos Mariátegui wondered, years later, is there a Peruvian philosophy? 76 In 1940, Risieri Frondizi contributed a section on the history of ideas to the Handbook of Latin American Studies. In 1949, Leopoldo Zea, a student of José Gaos’s, published a work in which he adopted a continental horizon: Dos etapas del pensamiento en Hispanoamérica: del romanticismo al positivismo (Two stages of Hispanic American thought: from romanticism to positivism).

All were influenced by the “linguistic turn” in postwar Anglo-Saxon thought. Philosophy in Latin America took a clear forward step—although the project of quasi-perfect rigor of mathematical formalization or analysis meant an exaggerated skepticism regarding the other currents, and by the eighties, the limits of its internal and external consistency, especially with respect to practical philosophy, had been discovered. In any event, Latin American philosophy became conscious of its own methodological-linguistic mediations.

Born with the vocation of rigor, it achieved its objective. 30 Enrique Dussel 8. PHILOSOPHY OF LIBERATION108 Members of a new generation109 (of those born after 1930, although it was anticipated by some), began their reflection at the end of the sixties, not without some relation to the events of 1968, with respect to a philosophy of liberation, which was thus linked to Latinamericanist philosophy. Salazar Bondy belonged to this current, and he responded negatively to the question, Is there a philosophy of our America?

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