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Not anyone is extra aware of the faults of this paintings than the writer. consequently a few self -criticism will be woven into this foreward. There are attainable methodologically natural recommendations to this book's subject matter: a de­scriptive catalog of the photographs couched within the language of typical technology and accom­panied via a scientific and psychopathological description of the sufferers, or a totally metaphysically established research of the method of pictorial composition. in keeping with the latter, those strange works, defined psychologically, and the outstanding circum­stances on which they're established will be built-in as a playful version of human expression right into a overall photograph of the ego lower than the idea that of an inborn artistic urge, at the back of which we'd then in basic terms need to find a common want for expression as an instinctive beginning. briefly, such an research could stay within the realm of phenomenologically saw existential types, thoroughly self sustaining of psychiatry and aesthetics. The compromise among those natural options needs to unavoidably be piecework and needs to consistently protect itself opposed to the hazards of fragmentation. we're at risk of being chuffed with natural description, the novelistic enlargement of information and questions of precept; pitfalls will be really easy to prevent if we had using a in actual fact defined strategy. however the difficulties of a brand new, or no less than by no means heavily labored, box defy the technique of each confirmed topic.

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25 all of them subject to the laws of numbers. Even if such psychic processes cannot be described as unambiguously as pictures, they are by common consent the most immediate expression of the emotions. e. nonrepresentative) lines and abstract spatial forms are based on such considerations. arge role we cannot deny such attempts an inner justification. When serious artists meet with a total Iack of understanding they can rightly claim that our organs are too crude for their subtle works and can perceive them no more than unmusical people can camprehend pure music.

Configurauon. Sigmficance, . I M eamng . s·1gn, " R atwna ~~ Need to Communicate ~ Writing 14 ~ I Orname~-~-=~oration Schema of the Tendencies of Configuration Sacred Art Closely allied to the central need for expression and similar to it in that they too are only remotely determined by objects are only two such compulsions, drives, or needs (the choice of words does not matter here), namely the urges to play and to adorn oneself. Both have sometimes been called the points of origin of configuration.

There are no ancient works of art in the sense that there are stone hatchets or arrowheads, which either exist as practical tools or not, everything eise being a question of technology. The creative process, as realized in an contemporary work of art, is nourished by very different psychic springs, which do not always have to coalesce to deserve the name of configuration. Rather, we might draw the following analogy: as groundwater seeps to the surface and flows toward the stream in many rivulets, many expressive impulses run in many creative paths into the great stream of art.

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