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By Fritz Hans Schweingruber

he „Atlas of Woody Plant Stems“ is a com- clearly, it used to be most unlikely to hide thoroughly the Tprehensively illustrated publication with brief, in- huge, immense variability of plants kinds. we've formative texts. We selected this format simply because plant attempted, in spite of the fact that, to demonstrate the most rules and anatomy and morphology can basically be conveyed by means of beneficial properties. Many many years of assortment and prepa- specific images. furthermore, a brilliant presentation tion supplied the root for this ebook. should still allure a broader public, not just the s- cialist. we are hoping that the combo of anatomy Fritz Schweingruber want to thank the Swiss and morphology will create curiosity and interest. Federal study Institute WSL, that provided him Amateurs will benefit from the wide selection of images; hospitality after his retirement. The authors thank all readers could be stuck by means of specific chap- the scholars and co-workers that experience, for many years, ters; experts will delve into points and picture- gathered and ready samples, and who helped graphs which can have by no means been provided prior to; with the English translations. because of John Kirby lecturers might use the images for illustrations in who made the fnal English enhancing. sessions with students.

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The apical, primary meristem and the leaf primordia are shown. In the center, behind the growing region, there is the pith, and on either side of the pith the first xylem cells can be found. 2 Bud of an Ash (Fraxinus excelsior). 3. 3 Longitudinal section of an adventitious bud on a Walnut twig (Juglans regia). Leaf primordia wrap around the primary meristem. The little white dots are probably calcium oxalate crystals (polarized light). 4 Simplified schematic representation of longitudinal and transversal sections of a dicotyledonous plant.

51 THE RISKS OF INSTABILITY: ECCENTRICITY A Enhanced stress also affects the process of cell wall formation. In general, trees produce reaction wood. 35; Timell 1986). 3 SECONDARY GROWTH: ADVANTAGES AND RISKS s soon as tree stems increase in girth and height, their volume, weight and the danger of physical instability increase. The plant compensates the stress caused by weight imbalance in three ways. All seed plants are able to produce more cells on the loaded side. 36). 34 Cross-section of a leaning Norway Spruce (Picea abies).

These developed, via a number of unique families and orders, into two major groups, the Rosids and the Asterids. Thus, the phylogenetic tree has simplified the classification of the overwhelming diversity of morphological traits. It is the aim of this book to put one aspect of the morphological variation into the context of plant evolution, namely wood anatomy. 67 The evolution of plant life according to DNA sequences of the 185 rDNA, rbcL- and atpB-genes (Wink 2005, Wink, personal communication).

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