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By Brigitta Hauser-Schaublin, Marie-Louise Nabholz-Kartaschoff, Urs Ramseyer

Originally released in 1991, in organization with the Museum der Kulturen, Basel.
This electronic variation released 2012

In this fantastically illustrated ebook, 3 specialists study the heritage, construction and makes use of of textiles in Balinese society. Many effective items are offered, their uncooked fabrics and techniques of weaving and dyeing are defined, and the complicated symbolism and formality capabilities of every are defined intimately.

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Much the same is to be seen in Negara and in Beratan (Buleleng}. In every case this is due to the fact that finer and denser songket cloths, with very large pattern repeats are made, On t h e other hand, several villages in Buleleng and Tabanan have started to develop cagcag looms for small widths of cloth, at which the weaver does not sit on the ground, but perches more comfortably on a small stool or fixed bench. A loom was also invented for weaving two or up to three narrow cloths in parallel.

Precisely because she cannot concentrate on her work for any length of time without being disturbed, her quality is often below that of cloths produced in the manufactory. At the same time, depending on her domestic commitments, she is far less dependable when it comes to meeting delivery dates. Factors that can be clearly calculated and foreseen in the manufactory are often much vaguer in the home. These pressures often impose suffering on the home weaver. A SIDEMEN MANUFACTORY Let us consider two examples more closely, taking a manufactory first.

Karangasem or Khmgkung, 1920-30. 143 x 68 cm. • MEB IIc 18513a. 13 (above): Women attending the cremation of a brahman priestess, dressed in formal apparel with a wraparound skirt of songket and endek in the geringsing style. 12 (opposite): Selendang. Endek on silk. Buleleng, early 20th century. 292 x 48 cm. MEB IIc 17573. 14: A weaving manufactory in a compound. ); 5) Storage sheds; 6) Kitchen bath; 7) Experimental corner for new patterns; 8) Veranda with workplace for entrepreneur's wife; 9) Sales shop; 10) Fountain with small garden; 11) Drying frame for dyed yarn.

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