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By Bjorn M. Felder, Paul J. Weindling

The historical past of eugenics within the Baltic States is essentially unknown. The booklet compares for the 1st time the eugenic initiatives of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania and the similar disciplines of racial anthropology and psychiatry, and situates them in the wider ecu context. robust ethno-nationalism outlined the state as a organic crew, which was once fostered by means of authoritarian regimes verified in Lithuania in 1926, and in Estonia and Latvia in 1934. The eugenics initiatives have been designed to set up a kingdom in organic phrases. Their goals have been to render the country ethnically, genetically and racially homogeneous. the most schedule used to be a non-democratic nation that outlined its inhabitants in organic phrases. Eugenic rules have been to regenerate the country and to reconstruct it as a "pure" and "original" race, Such schemes for nationwide regeneration contained powerful components of secular faith.

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Aachen:Shaker, 335-365. Felder, B. (2012), “Rasovaja gigiena v Rossii. Evgenij Alkeceevich Shepilevskij (1857-1920) i zarozhdenie evgeniki v Rossijskoj imperii” Istoriko-biologicheskie Issledovanija, vol. 4, no. 2, 39-60. Felder, B. (2013a), “National-Socialist Euthanasia, Human Experiments and Psychiatry in Nazi-Occupied Lithuania 1941-1944” Holocaust and Genocide Studies 2013 (forthcoming). Introduction 25 Felder, B. (2013b), “Nationalsozialistische Krankenmorde in den Baltischen Staaten und die baltische Eugenik der Zwischenkriegszeit 1918-1945” in: Friedmann, A.

He criticised both nationalism and internationalism – arguing for a racial internationalism that inevitably would lead to an overthrow of the post-Versailles order of national self-determination. In fact, one could see racial power blocs emerging with a Nordic-German allied with the fascist Mediterranean to roll back the AlpineSlav – a quite horrific prospect of a racial Armageddon. Certainly, the US immigration restriction laws exacerbated the containment of the persecuted in German-occupied Europe.

Due to delayed arrangements, however, the assembly was not held. 34 54 Ken Kalling 4. Soviet and Nazi Occupations In autumn 1940, when the occupying Soviets banned most public organisations, the eugenics society was on this list. It handed its property over to the Estonian Naturalists’ Society (Eesti Looduseuurijate Selts), which proposed opening a section of medical biology and genetics (which did not in fact happen). 35 In February 1941 the Institute of Eugenics became the Laboratory of General Biology of the University of Tartu.

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