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By Michael G. Maxfield

This short advent to analyze equipment combines accessibility and a conversational writing kind with Michael G. Maxfield's services in criminology and legal justice. In fewer than four hundred pages, the textual content introduces you to the fundamentals of felony justice examine using genuine info and that includes assurance of such key concerns as ethics, causation, validity, box study, and examine layout.

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Sometimes we attempt to explain a single situation exhaustively. You might have done poorly on an exam because (1) you had forgotten there was an exam that day, (2) it was in your worst subject, (3) a traffic jam caused you to be late to class, and (4) your roommate kept you up the night before with loud music. Given all these circumstances, it is no wonder that you did poorly on the exam. This type of causal reasoning is idiographic explanation. Idio in this context means “unique, separate, peculiar, or distinct,” as in the word idiosyncrasy.

In its most basic form, evaluation involves comparing the goals of a program with the results. If one goal of increased police foot patrol is to reduce fear of crime, then an evaluation of foot patrol might compare levels of fear before and after increasing the number of police officers on the beat on foot. In most cases, evaluation research uses social scientific methods to test the results of a program or policy change. The second type of applied research is policy and problem analysis. What would happen to court backlogs if we designated a judge and prosecutor who would handle only drugdealing cases?

The problem in criminal justice research—and probably in life—is that ethical considerations are not always apparent to us. As a result, we often plunge into things without seeing ethical issues that may be obvious to others and even to ourselves when they are pointed out. Our excitement at the prospect of a new research project may blind us to obstacles that ethical considerations present. Any of us can immediately see that a study that requires juvenile gang members to demonstrate how they steal cars is unethical.

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