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A new sequence from the writer of the elements warden NOVEL S, WHO’S AS “Swift, sassy, and attractive as Laurell okay. Hamilton. ” (Mary Jo Putney)Once she was once Cassiel, a Djinn of unlimited strength. Now, she has been reshaped in human flesh as punishment for defying her master—and dwelling one of the climate Wardens, whose strength she needs to faucet into frequently or she's going to die.

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I know you two don’t order like that when your wives are around. ” “Sadly true,” Jake said despondently. “That’s why we love you. ” “Who knew that pizza was the bond that would keep us together for a lifetime,” Mack said wryly. “That, and knowing too many of each other’s deep dark secrets,” Will added. He held up his glass of scotch. ” Mack and Jake tapped his glass with their own. Maybe there was one part of his life that didn’t suck, after all. He had some of the best friends around. That one of them also happened to be the woman he loved was just a bonus.

You’re going to be young when you’re a hundred and two,” Susie predicted. “If I live that long, I hope it’s with my wits about me and the ability to work in my garden. ” Nell’s expression turned wistful. “And I’d like to see Ireland one more time. ” Something in her tone worried Susie. It was the first time she could recall hearing her grandmother come close to admitting that she didn’t have a whole lifetime left to her. “We’ll make it happen,” Susie assured her, determined to find a way. If the others knew this was Gram’s dream, they’d want to make it come true before it was too late.

Amusement lit her eyes as she stared right back at him. “You don’t scare me. You’re all talk. ” “All talk,” she taunted again. It was Matthew who walked over, gave his sister an odd look, then broke up the standoff. ” Susie blinked and looked away, her cheeks flushed. Mack dropped his hold on her and walked back to his own team, not sure if he was more disconcerted by her taunt or infuriated by it. Will and Jake were grinning. “This O’Brien holiday tradition has just gotten interesting,” Jake commented.

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