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By Leigh N Wood

This ebook considers the perspectives of contributors within the technique of changing into a mathematician, that's, the scholars and the graduates. This e-book investigates the folk who perform arithmetic instead of the themes of arithmetic. studying is set switch in somebody, the advance of an identification and methods of interacting with the realm. It investigates extra commonly the advance of mathematical scientists for various places of work, and comprises the studies of these who weren't winning within the transition to the office as mathematicians. The examine provided relies on interviews, observations and surveys of scholars and graduates as they're discovering their id as a mathematician. The ebook includes fabric from the examine conducted in South Africa, Northern eire, Canada and Brunei in addition to Australia.

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School of Educational Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia. Collección Eudoxus, 1(3), 116–124. php/eudoxus/article/view/261/234 Chapter 3 How Do Mathematics Students Go About Learning Mathematics? – A First Look Introduction In this chapter we investigate students’ views about learning mathematics. We continue our analysis of the series of interviews that we conducted with 22 undergraduate students studying mathematics as a major at an Australian university. In the previous chapter we explored their ideas about the nature of mathematics itself; here we move the focus to their ideas about how they go about studying mathematics.

A question that arose later was whether students who were studying mathematics as a component of a professional course in some other discipline would show different conceptions of mathematics. To answer this question and extend our results, we carried out a later series of interviews with students studying mathematical subjects as part of an engineering course (16 students) or a sports science/tourism course (14 students). These interviews were carried out using the same approach as the interviews with the mathematics major students, and included the same initial question: What do you think mathematics is about?

That is common knowledge. /…/Just calculations which determine the motion of a particle, motion of the object. And What About Students Who Are Not Mathematics Majors? 33 Kylie (Arts and tourism management): Gosh, I wouldn’t know. You have got your textbook maths I guess that you have learnt at school. Algebra, calculus, trig, stuff I really can’t remember how to do. And then also you have got your numbers, putting numbers together and number crunching. To get some answers to, or to find out ways to solve problems or, I haven’t done that in so long, so I guess that would be my best explanation of it.

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