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By Elaine Fox

Penelope Porter longed for a child. yet now that her marriage is over, she's grew to become to the following top thing—a adorable, cuddly dog. Mr. Darcy's an absolute sweetheart, yet he may well use a stint in obedience institution. He retains sneaking over to the store around the highway, the only owned via Baltimore undesirable boy Dylan Mersey. now not that Penelope minds having to fetch her puppy from his good-looking new buddy . . .

Mr. Darcy? just a high-society hottie could identify a mischievous pooch after a romantic hero. No, to Dylan this pup's identify is Bonsai . . . and his owner's irresistible. Dylan's extra rough-and-tumble than sophisticated, yet he is approximately to end up he is precisely what Penelope must fail to remember her heartless ex.

Soon issues are heating up among right Penelope and unsafe Dylan as they study that misbehaving is not just enjoyable for the puppy. What Penelope considers incorrect speedy turns into unstoppable, and he or she discovers that real love actually is well worth the risk.

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She supposed she ought to talk now, but she could barely hold a thought beyond that of her missing puppy. Despite all her efforts to remain optimistic, she could not help picturing his little body lying in a gutter somewhere having been hit by a car. She made a supreme effort to pull herself together as she moved toward the door, and was a mere few feet away when her eye was caught by a blur moving around Dylan Mersey’s feet. She gasped as her eyes took in the little dog. ” She fumbled with the bolt lock, gazing from the puppy jumping on the glass door to Dylan’s face, which bore a look of guarded amusement.

Despite the empty store she lowered her voice. “Did you recognize them? Was it someone from in town? ” He moved his mouth as if swallowing a piece of gum, and looked her dead in the eye. “So you want my help? A hundred fifty bucks, I can promise you delivery of your dog by tonight. ” She straightened, realization dawning. “You already know where he is. And now you’re asking for money to tell me. ” “Hey, I never said I knew where he was. ” He took a sideways step closer. ” “A buck and a quarter!

It was dark, but he saw blood. ” He was sobering up rapidly, vowing never to drink again as he did. A moment later, the flashing cherry top of a police car turned onto Caroline Street and pulled up with a muscular mechanical growl in front of Pen Perfect. Dylan stood, aware that escape was impossible now. The cops had obviously caught sight of him. As the two exited the squad car in unison, one of them walked up the sidewalk toward him while the other greeted a woman who opened the door Dylan had just knocked on.

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