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The selection of a particular process is based on the particle size desired, production economies, the prevention of excessive contamination of the beryllium powder, and the avoidance of atmospheric pollution by beryllium dust. The first grinding or milling method employed commercially was a Braun-type attrition mill using beryllium disks. It had two opposed grinding disks (with radial grooves), the stationary one being water cooled and provided with a central hole through which the coarse powder was fed, and the other disk being driven on a horizontal axis by a fixed-speed motor.

Mold geometry is critical in this regard. Although they recognized that the ingot width: height ratio is critical in optimizing directional solidification, it is also important to have a symmetric section parallel to the solidification front. Typical defects associated with VIM include shrinkage pipe, gas porosity, microcracks, center-line defects, cold shuts, inclusions, and macrosegregation of metallic impurities. Goosey, Knight, and Martinu5 ' addressed these problems and investigated methods for eliminating these defects in small ingots produced from both electrolytic flake and thermally reduced pebble.

Austen and N. P. Pinto, Density Distribution within Isopressed Powder Parts, to be published. 21. N. P. Pinto and A. J. Martin, High Purity Beryllium Powder Components, Powder Meta /I: 17(13), 70-84 (1974). 22. D. Beasley and R. E. Cooper, The Effects of Porosity on the Mechanical and Physical Properties of Beryllium, in: Be1yllium 1977, pp. 2411-24/14, The Metals Society, London (1977). 23. E. 0. Speidel, Development of Porous Beryllium by the Hot-Isostatic Pressing ofPlasmaSpheroidized Powder, Battelle-Columbus Labs Report No.

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