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By Patricia Whitehead

Whereas titanic Benny feels blue at no longer receiving any valentines, the reader is brought to the letters of the alphabet.

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The ticking of the shelf clock on my nightstand slowed in my ears as Aunt Augusta held my eyes with hers, waiting for me to look away and reveal my deceit. But in sheer terror of the consequences, I faced her, still and silent like a fawn awaiting the move of a targeted hunter. Would she pull the trigger or let the shot pass? My heart hung in the air between us until finally she twisted her face in disgust. “A suitable result after your disgraceful outburst in town,” she said evenly. “It was an inexcusable and embarrassing display that will never be repeated.

I quickly gathered the boughs Colt tossed inside and arranged them into soft bedding for the slave girl, Livetta. Colt slipped his coat off and threw it over the needles. As Marcus lowered his sister onto the makeshift pallet, I pulled my bonnet from my pocket and tucked it under her head. Colt knelt near the girl and eyed the fresh blood leaking through the tear in her dress. He spoke to Marcus, who knelt opposite him. ” Marcus untied the faded blue chambray cloth knotted loosely around his broad neck and handed it to Colt.

I looked up into his concerned face, wondering where to begin. Not rushing me to words, Colt stroked some loose locks of hair from my face and tucked them behind my ear as he waited for me to speak. “I hate myself, Colt,” I finally burst. ” “Now, Hannalore Blessing,” Colt said, his dark brow folding into a frown. ” “It’s true, Colt,” I shot back with a stomp. “I don’t have the stuffing to speak my mind or defy a scolding, even if I witness wrongdoing. ” Colt reached up and scratched behind his ear for a moment, then with a shrug gave up the thought of debating.

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