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By Nalini M. Nadkarni

World-renowned cover biologist Nalini Nadkarni has climbed bushes on 4 continents with scientists, scholars, artists, monks, musicians, activists, loggers, legislators, and Inuits, amassing diversified views. In Between Earth and Sky, a wealthy tapestry of non-public tales, details, paintings, and images, she turns into our desirable advisor to the leafy wasteland above our heads. via her luminous narrative, we embark on a multifaceted exploration of bushes that illuminates the profound connections we've with them, the wonderful array of products and providers they supply, and the robust classes they carry for us. Nadkarni describes trees' tricky root platforms, their hugely advanced and nonetheless no longer thoroughly understood canopies, their position in trade and drugs, their lifestyles in urban facilities and in severe habitats of mountaintops and deserts, and their very important position in folklore and the humanities. She explains tree basics and considers the symbolic function they've got assumed in tradition and faith. In a e-book that reawakens our experience of ask yourself on the interesting international of bushes, we finally locate access to the total flora and fauna and rediscover our personal position in it.

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Stuart and John O. Sawye1; Trees and Shrubs of C:alifornia (Berkeley: Univo:fit-y Alternate Palmate oj'California Press, 20(1). APPROACHES TO CLASSIFICATION Classifying the bewildering diversity of trees taxonomically-whether by COlnmon name or scientific name-can be amazingly difficult, even for professional botanists. For many types of forests, especially in tropical regions, no botanical keys are available at all. A one-acre tropical rainforest plot in AInazonian Ecuador, for example, Inay have as many as 180 different tree species-including some that are as yet undescribed.

A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE It is foolish to let a young redwood grow next to a house. Even in this one lifetime, you will have to choose. That great calm being, this clutter of soup pots and booksAlready the first branch-tips brush at the window. Softly, calmly, itnmensity taps at your life. - Jane Hinhfield, "Tree" We measure trees and forests both absolutely, in terms of girth, height, and volume, and relatively, by scaling them against hUIllan size. Large trees are mysteriously riveting. More than a few of my canopy research colleagues sporadically leave excited messages on my voicemail: "Hey!

Soil inhabitantsSOIne, such as nenlatodes, nlites, and bacteria, sInaller than pinpoints, others as big as badgers-participate in food chains and energy cycles as conlplex as the subterranean networks of electrical cables that operate beneath the streets of great cities. Just as canopy researchers have learned how to safely clinlb into the tops of trees, scientists have recently invented 28 / What Is a Tree? techniques for understanding how to measure and interpret the belowground world. One weekend in 1980 I accompanied a fellow graduate student, Mike Keyes, on one of his collecting trips into the field.

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