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The vocabulary of biology is made more straightforward via realizing the meanings of components that make up entire phrases. English keeps to undertake phrases from overseas languages and to construct its vocabulary via inventing new phrases from outdated components. lots of the phrases getting into English each year live in technical vocabularies and figuring out what the weather suggest prepares scientific scholars and physicians, the practitioner of any  Read more...

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According to Hebrew mythology, in the beginning there was the word. According to Greek mythology, in the beginning there was Chaos, the atmosphere, > Chaos, a genus of Protozoa. A Flemish chemist, J. B. van Helmont, in the 17th century changed chaos into gas. Uranus, Heaven, appears as the name of a planet and in uran for the roof of the mouth, that is, the palate, as in uranoschisrn uranoplasty Uranichthys palate fissure plastic surgery of the palate a fish Uranus, Heaven, and Gaea, Earth, had many children, the male children called Titans and the female Titanesses.

Lacking blood but actually, condition of lower red blood cell count place for hair actually, a small blood vessel condition of having hair actually, a parasitic disease instrument for viewing chest actually, instrument for hearing heartbeat Occasionally, we will come upon terms that don't mean at all what they seem to. Cardiospasm seems easy enough to define: a spasm of the heart. It means a disorder 14 Biolexicon in the cardiac sphincter, which is not in the heart but between the esophagus and stomach, the part of the stomach near the heart (cardiospasm is also known as achalasia ).

In a word. Grimm's Law. We remember Jakob Ludwig Karl Grimm as a transcriber of fairy tales. In the early 19th century, he invented a theory as grim as the fairy tale of Sneewittchen und der sieben Zwergen. This theory explains kinship between words from Germanic languages and words from Latin and Greek, the technical words of the biological vocabulary. In a period over a thousand years, the IE group that became the Germanic peoples changed certain sounds their parents used. Though why the speakers did this is unknown-perhaps it was adolescent rebellion-a review of what was done promotes an understanding of relationships between easy words of native English and their cognates in biological Latin and Greek.

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