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A brand new source for the 2008 OCR specification delivering supportive positive aspects and elevated flexibility in educating OCR a degree technological know-how. The depended on selection for the 2008 OCR Specification. Biology 1 sincerely explains thoughts and is supported by way of a CD-ROM behind the books that gives additional info and hyperlinks to a loose web site filled with e-learning actions. The ebook comes with an interactive PDF CD-ROM that offers additional info for speedy development for students requiring it, with no making a heavy and intimidating e-book. The CD-ROM hyperlinks to a loose site jam-packed with e-learning actions, selling autonomous and extension studying.

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This is usually the case with sodium ions and potassium ions. Most cells need to contain a higher concentration of potassium ions, and a lower concentration of sodium ions, than the concentration outside the cell. To achieve this, cells constantly pump sodium ions out and potassium ions in, up their concentration gradients. 10). Active transport is carried out by transporter proteins in the plasma membrane, working in close association with ATP which supplies the energy. The ATP is used to change the shape of the transporter proteins.

Mitosis Mitosis is used for growth, repair and asexual reproduction. organisms usually contain many types of cells, which have become differentiated to • Multicellular perform different functions. They are often grouped into tissues, containing cells that have the same function – for example, squamous and ciliated epithelium in animals, xylem and phloem in plants. Tissues are grouped into organs, and organs into organ systems. an animal cell has become differentiated, it is normally unable to become any other type of • When cell.

In plants, cambium cells produce xylem vessels and phloem sieve tubes. These cells are highly adapted for their functions. may divide by meiosis, which produces genetically different cells with half the number of • Cells chromosomes of the parent cell. Body cells are diploid, meaning that they have two complete sets of chromosomes.

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