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Oh, yes,” she said softly. “I know what it is to be lonely. ” He drew her up, shifting her in his arms. ” he murmured. She frowned. ” He chuckled gently. “You were so damned rigid when I caught you a minute ago. ” “You don’t like being touched, either,” she murmured. ” He laughed. “I remember. But that was because of the blindness, Kate. ” He frowned. ” “I’m sorry,” she whispered. “Why? It’s not your fault,” he growled, and she felt the guilt all the way to her toes. His chest lifted in a heavy sigh.

You’re bound to find that out sooner or later. I’m as prone to sudden whims as a politician is to platform changes. You may wake up in the morning and find yourself on a plane to the Bahamas. I’m restless and I like to travel and I’ve got the wealth to make it feasible. ” He turned toward where he thought she should be. ” “Why…no,” she admitted. ” “It doesn’t matter, I’ll have Pattie take care of it,” he said. He frowned at her silence. “Pattie,” he emphasized, “is my office secretary. ” “And madly in love with the boss, I’ll bet,” she taunted.

Kate nodded and smiled, hating that drawn, hurt look on her employer’s face, the sadness in Maude’s pale blue eyes framed by salt and pepper curly hair. ” Maude nodded, looking around to see if she’d forgotten anything. “Don’t overlook that page of changes I wrote last night—I think it’s in the top desk drawer. ” “I will. ” “I can’t help it,” Maude said with a quick smile. “You’re so reckless lately, Kate. Is it the job? ” “No, it’s not that,” came the quick reply. “I…oh, I don’t know, maybe it’s the weather.

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