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Highly dispersed PdO species, interacting with the support, have much lower methane combustion activity than PdO clusters. The reason behind the low activity of the highly dispersed PdO species can be linked to the Pd-0 bond strength, which in turn increases with decreasing the size of the PdO cluster. The Pd-0 bond also varies with the extent of oxidation of Pd. During the methane combustion reaction, the catalyst surface is a non-equilibrium, kinetically controlled structure. The oxygen concentration profile in the particle results from a combination of particle reconstruction, oxygen adsorption, bulk diffusion, and oxygen removal.

L8 oppose the idea of the coexistence of metallic and oxidized Pd on the surface of a crystallite in the low temperature region. They argue that the coexistence of these unstable structures would cause oscillations, which are not detected under lean conditions and below the PdO dissociation temperature. 92The appearance of oscillations between 400 and 600°C was attributed to periodic phase changes on the Pd surface. ” However, these oscillations are only observed at CH4/02 ratios higher than the stoichiometric ratio.

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