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By N. E. Fusenig (auth.), N. E. Fusenig, H. Graf (eds.)

Cell biology has made an considerable influence at the assessment of physiological and pathophysiological procedures resulting in a extra designated figuring out of the signaling mechanisms through which cells converse in vivo and in vitro and regulate adaptively. by utilizing mobile tradition types as well as animal experiments we're now capable of greater outline the general and the selective capability of gear. This booklet is designed to provide info at the benefits and obstacles and on new points and the that means of mobilephone tradition versions in pharmaceutical research.

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30 33 34 34 37 38 39 41 43 45 47 48 49 Permanent cell lines of embryonic stem (ES) cells established from totipotent cells of the mouse embryo provide one of the most important cellular systems for developmental biologists. ES cells offer a suitable model to study in vitro cell differentiation and development of the mammalian organisms. Recent applications include gene targeting strategies (Thomas and Capecchi 1987) and the investigation of devel- 30 A. M. Wobus et al. opmentally regulated genes using promoter and gene trap vectors (Hooper 1992).

De Gruyter, Berlin, pp 193-204 Evans MJ, Kaufman MH (1981) Establishment in culture of pluripotential stem cells from mouse embryos. Nature 291: 154-156 Foster JA, Miller ML, Benedict MR, Richmann RA, Rich CB (1989) Evidence for insulin-like growth factor-I regulation of chick aortic elastogenesis. Matrix 9:328-335 Gonoi T, Hasegawa S (1988) Post-natal disappearance of transient calcium channels in mouse skeletal muscle: effects of denervation and culture. J Physiol (Lond) 401 :617-637 Haimovich B, Tanaka JC, Barchi RL (1986) Developmental appearance of sodium channel subtypes in rat skeletal muscle cultures.

3 Differentiated Cardiomyocytes Exhibit Characteristic Chronotropic Responses to Cardioactive Drugs Spontaneously beating cardiomyocytes of embryoid body outgrowths were investigated during the differentiation time after embryoid body plating between 7 + 2 days and 7 + 32 days. The basal level of beating frequency attained its maximum (about 115 beats/min) at a differentiation time of 6-9 days after embryoid body plating. During this time range cardiomyocytes contracted in a synchronous manner.

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