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В книге описано несколько приспособлений для бензопилы, позволяющих разделать дерево на доски прямо на лесопилке, делать криволинейные резы, резы под углом. Технология очень хорошо иллюстрирована (картинки, к сожалению, черно-белые).Один только минус - книга на английском языке. Но в ней столько поясняющих картинок, что можно разобраться в технологии и без знания языка.


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To form the r ou n de d edge, ho ld the d resse r freehand against th e leading edge of the stone (4). With short, controlled sweeps, rou n d the edge. Wear safety glass es whe n u sing a grinder to protect you r eyes from flying debr is. 3 2 4 25 Chain Modification Regul ar chain, bevel ed a cross th e fr onts o f the cu tters a t 30°, e n te rs th e kerf a t a n a ng le, w hic h can cause excess ive s ide pressure o n cutters and drive links. When chain is g ro u nd this way, the corner of each c u tte r becomes th e p r im e c u tt ing a rea; once th a t a rea dull s, c u tt ing a b il ity is greatl y reduced.

Thicker than the kerf (1). Taper the ends of the wedges slightly and round the corners for easy entrance into the kerf. Rounded handle ends with chamfered edges are easy on the h an d s . I paint my wedges a bright color to make them easy to spot if they drop into the sawdust. The paint helps preserve the wood, too. 56 CHAPTER 6 Buil d Your Own Too ls To prevent the jack from slipping at the point of contact with the log, it's necessary to weld a dog securely to the jaw of the jack (3). Cut the dog from a piece of flats tack iron and grind one end to a sloping edge for good bi te and easy release.

At the bottom of the gullet, release the sideways pressure to allow the stone to rise out of the cu t. If you don't do this, you'll get a large burr on the cutting edge. You'll also get a large burr if the stone has become glazed. 28 CHAPTER 3 The Chain Now examine the cutter to be sure it has been completely sharpened. The shiny, dull edge should be completely gone, leaving a sharp edge that will not reflect light. If cutters are severely damaged, you'll have to adjust the grinder to remove the whole damaged area on the top plate of each cutter (3).

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