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This is often the background of the foreign Tropical bushes association (ITTO); its goals, regulations and achievements, via drawing on modern documents and the author's personal large adventure. The publication makes use of exam of prior successes and screw ups to formulate a 21st-century time table for the main functional methods of enhancing the administration of forests and figuring out woodland rules.

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Whether to do so or not is essentially an economic decision. Generally accepted silvicultural practice requires the calculation of the volume of timber which may be cut in one year in a given area – the ‘annual allowable cut’ (AAC) – a volume which should be set at a level that provides the maximum harvest while ensuring that no deterioration occurs in the prospects for future sustainable harvests. When an area of virgin forest is cut, the AAC depends on the volume of marketable timber in the area which may be cut while leaving enough stems on the ground for the next crop.

A study financed by the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) was carried out to examine the possibility of establishing an international tropical timber bureau, the mandate being that the bureau was to be for producing/exporting countries only. In 1975, on behalf of ITC, the two persons entrusted with this study visited and consulted with the governments of tropical timber exporting countries in all three producer regions, as well as trade and research organizations in importing countries, in order to sound out their views.

There are cases too where the sustainable use of resources is likely to remain a pipe dream unless there is international investment; some countries haven’t even the capacity to undertake land use planning, let alone implement such plans. The trade and the future sources of its timber Tropical timber can come legally from a number of sources: (1) previously unlogged forest which it is intended should remain as forest; (2) logged forest which is being logged again, with or without a plan of management; (3) unlogged or logged forest which is being converted to another use in either a planned or unplanned manner; (4) secondary regrowth and enriched secondary forest; (5) trees planted in association with agriculture, roadside and canal-bank trees, etc; and (6) forest plantations.

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