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By Seymour Bernstein, Samuel Solomon

This ebook represents a collaborative undertaking via a bunch of investigators to compile in one quantity a severe dialogue of the foremost points of our wisdom, starting from chemical to medical features, of steroid conjugation. notwithstanding, the $64000 box of bile acid and bile alcohol conjugation has been mentioned simply superficially because it used to be determined arbitrarily to be outdoor the projected scope of the publication. The reader is mentioned the spouse quantity of this publication, particularly actual houses of Steroid Conjugates (by Bernstein, Dusza, and Joseph, Springer-Verlag long island 1968), for complemental details on person conjugates. The Editors desire to thank leave out Elise Kramer for typing suggestions. additionally we want to exhibit our deep appreciation and gratitude to Mrs. Dorothy Budd, our copy-editor, and Mr. J. Joseph for his or her editorial suggestions in making this e-book attainable. SEYMOUR BERNSTEIN Pearl River, N. Y. January, 1970 SAMUEL SOLOMON V11 CONTENTS Preface . . . . VII Nomenclature a, dialogue of Nomenclature method x b, Trivial and Systematic Names. x checklist of members . . . . . . . . Xl Chemistry: Synthesis and Characterization S. BERNSTEIN, 1. P. DUSZA, and J. P. JOSEPH Enzymological points of Steroid Conjugation A. B. Roy . . . . . . . . . . seventy four The Hydrolysis of Steroid Conjugates H. L. BRADLOW . . . . . 131 Isolation of Steroid Conjugates P. ok. SITTERI. . . . . . . 182 The Biochemistry of the 3P-Hydroxy-Ll5-Steroid Sulfates okay. D. ROBERTS and S. LIEBERMAN 219 Formation, Metabolism, and shipping of Estrogen Conjugates E. DICZFALUSY and M. LEVITZ. . . . . . . . . . . . .

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G)). Accordingly, potassium cholesterol sulfate and potassium testosterone sulfate eSS) [17 [3-sulfooxyandrost--4-en-3-one potassium salt] were prepared in over 70% yields. The author has pointed out St OH + H 2 SO 4 + C 6 H 5 N = C = NC 6 H 5 Dimethylformamide 30min-2S') StOSO 3 H + C 6 H SNHCONHC 6 H S (g) Chemistry: Synthesis and Characterization 35 that the method of synthesis is well adapted for radio labeled syntheses since 35S04 can be used directly. Also further studies are reported to be in progress on the mechanism and versatility of the reaction.

It was suggested that the stronger adsorption of the sulfate ester to the catalyst surface aids this reduction considerably. The initial study of the reduction of a carbonyl group in sulfate conjugates was reported by Grant and Beall [172] in their preparation of17 {1-estradiol3-sulfate (VI) [3-sulfooxyestra-1,3,5(10)-trien-17 {1-o1]. 5) employing hydrogen and a platinum oxide catalyst afforded reduction of the 17-carbonyl grouping. A more convenient reduction technique for this transformation was later employed by Kirdani [176] who carried out the reduction in methanol with sodium borohydride.

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